Our Capability

When you have a secondary protection or electrical control system that needs to be manufactured to your design or ours, and with an emphasis on quality, look no further than Walker Control. We have the skills, facilities and experience to work on your systems.




Located in Cavan, SA this state-of-the-art facility has 920m2 under secure cover and a further 280m2 external hard stand for offloading, storage and parking. The entire workshop is air conditioned and has designated areas for machining, wiring, assembly, testing & commissioning, and secure storage.

Wire Processing Equipment

At our workshop facility we employ the latest in wire processing equipment to ensure a quality and consistent product every time. Eighty percent of our wiring is machine processed with stringent checks on the crimp force utilising our calibrated pull tester. All equipment is regularly checked for performance.
We have a range of printers which are capable of printing conductor, component and terminal markers for every application. 

Panel Machining

The workshop is equipped with a fast and precise Perforex BC 2007 HS machine centre ideal for machining of enclosure mounting panels, side and roof panels, and doors. Fully automatic, the machine has multi-part milling, drilling and thread-tapping capability and with clamping dimensions of:
– 3,600mm x 1,700mm for panels, and
– 1,600mm x 1,600mm x 1,600mm for cubes

The introduction of this machine has allowed us to offer our clients greater efficiency, greater accuracy and a reduction in labour costs to make us more competitive in the market.



Depending on the complexity, through our partner Mayfield Industries we offer design support to convert clients’ single line drawings or concepts into manufacturing drawings ready for our workshop.